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Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – SEGE

SEGE was founded in 1997 in Thessaloniki and regards women engaged in business activity in Greece. SEGE provides to women entrepreneurs the environment to develop their businesses and themselves. SEGE promotes youth entrepreneurship, improves recognition of their achievements in their businesses and promotes the growth of women-owned businesses through research and information. Also, SEGE promotes ethics and morality in women entrepreneurship, while taking initiatives that demonstrate a sense of social responsibility. As a non-governmental and non-profit making organization SEGE is active in improving and increasing the involvement of women in business activity by providing to them all the information and assistance that is needed to ease their career. SEGE has played a vital role in eliminating gender discriminations in the financial sector by promoting female entrepreneurial activity.


OECON GROUP was established in 2003 by a group of executives who have great experience in Business Consulting and Development. In particular, the company is specialized in providing Business Development consulting Services that concern a wide range of activities of companies, from Export Management and International Business Relations to National Funding Programs. The main target is to provide Business Consulting services of high requirements dealing with particular attention to the needs and particularities of every business move of our clients. OECON Group has the experience, knowledge, and analytic capabilities to pinpoint the sometimes subtle differences between risk and opportunity and to act accordingly. Its service expertise reaches across four main disciplines: enterprise improvement, corporate turnaround and restructuring, financial advisory services and programme management services.