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Female Entrepreneurial Week

is an official event of the European SMEs Week organized every 2 years by the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – SEGE. FEW mark an important milestone in the roadmap towards Female Entrepreneurship and Female Economic Empowerment in the Balkans and the wider European and Mediterranean Region.

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3rd Female Entrepreneurial Week

The “3rd Female Entrepreneurial Week” main aim is to create a forum for interaction and to gather decision makers (government, ministries and state agencies), innovation experts (universities, research and development centers, technology transfer centers, start-up centers) and practitioners (SMEs, business incubators and business support organizations) from all over the world, to generate discussion and exchange on the potential of entrepreneurship promotion and innovation to national and international competitiveness.

This year’s trend theme will address the role of women in the Tech Industry and the alternative ways of financing a business!

The innovative aspect of this year’s event is shown on its structure. An international pitching eventis going to be organized on 27thofNovember, where investors will have the opportunity to interact with startuppers. Also B2B meetings will be organized on 28thofNovember with the participation of female entrepreneurs from the European and the Mediterranean area. Through the organization of those interactive events we aim to set up, establish, maintain and manage a worldwide network of female entrepreneurs and investors in order to function and co-operate with each other over the years.

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